Does the Long Tail Pave Way for a Small Business Utopia?

February 8, 2007

Chris Anderson’s groundbreaking Long Tail theory properly observes that in a digital age, capable of an endless amount of information and reach, businesses like eBay, Wii’s Virtual Console, and iTunes can cater to an endless amount of niche interests, from retro-gamers to Civil War memorabilia collectors.

For aspiring small business owners, these e-marketplaces can be used as virtual bazaars gathering intel on what niches are blowing up and which are dying out. This most certainly paints a colorful picture of “many” catering to a constant flow of niche markets. Quite a market utopia indeed.

Megacorps could respond by opening a venture dept. that hands money and resources out to entrepreneurs with a plan. For example, Verizon or Vodaphone could become a holding company for a vast array of MVNOs, each catering to a specific taste.

One Response to “Does the Long Tail Pave Way for a Small Business Utopia?”

  1. […] the hypertargeted era we’ve entered paves the way for a wealth of niche media and agencies. Me, I think we’ll continue to see more segmentation of everything. Indeed, are these exciting […]

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